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Heart Attack Specialist

Heart Care Centers of Florida

Interventional Cardiologists located in Titusville, FL & New Smyrna Beach, FL & Merritt Island, Florida

It’s estimated that someone in the United States has a heart attack every 40 seconds. To reduce your risk factors for a heart attack, the team offers comprehensive care at Heart Care Centers of Florida. The providers also offer rehabilitative services to treat heart damage due to a heart attack. To learn more about heart attack prevention, call the Titusville, Merritt Island, or New Smyrna Beach, Florida, office to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today.

Heart Attack Q & A

What causes a heart attack?

A heart attack occurs when part of your heart muscle doesn’t get enough blood to function optimally. The more time that passes without sufficient blood flow, the more damage your heart muscle experiences.

The primary cause of a heart attack is coronary artery disease (CAD), a condition that develops when plaque builds up in the walls of your coronary arteries that carry blood to your heart.

Plaque is made up of cholesterol and other substances. When it builds up in your arteries, it narrows and blocks the flow of blood to your heart.

Other factors that can contribute to a heart attack include:

  • Smoking
  • Poor diet
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure

A family history of heart disease can also increase your risk factors for a heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions.

When should I seek treatment for a heart attack?

If you have symptoms of a heart attack, you should call 911 immediately. The sooner you can receive medical treatment, the less damage your heart will experience.

Symptoms of a heart attack include:

  • Chest pain
  • Jaw or neck pain
  • Sudden weakness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fainting
  • Shortness of breath

Some people also experience nausea and vomiting during a heart attack.

The physicians at Heart Care Centers of Florida can customize a treatment plan based on the severity of damage in your heart. You can schedule an evaluation after you receive emergency treatment at the hospital.

What happens after a heart attack?

Following a heart attack, the providers at Heart Care Centers of Florida will assess damage in your heart to determine if you need treatment. They also evaluate your risk for another heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular conditions.

After a heart attack, you can expect to make lifestyle changes that support good heart health. That may include increasing your daily exercise, eating a heart-healthy diet, and reducing stress in your life. If you smoke, the providers offer guidance and resources that help you quit for good.

If you need medications to address underlying heart issues that contribute to heart attack risks, the providers at Heart Care Centers of Florida will continue to monitor your heart health through routine evaluations.

If you have risk factors for a heart attack or need help recovering from a heart event, call the Heart Care Centers of Florida office nearest you to schedule a diagnostic evaluation today. You can also book an appointment online.